Canada is one of the most popular employment destinations offering over 200,000 employment chances to overseas skilled workers who want to work in Canada and then go for their dream; Canadian Permanent residence. Canada is initially offering a number of work permits through private and government sector employers without undergoing point assessment. Apart from work permits, overseas skilled workers can engage with Federal skilled worker program under point based system. Under the temporary Foreign Workers program, Canadian government allows the foreign workers to become a part of the Canadian work force and let them contribute to the economic growth of Canada. Targeting to fill the labour market shortage and skills and knowledge transfers, Canadian work visas are mainly considered under skilled worker point based system and ensures the diversity of foreign employment. Overseas skilled professionals and experienced trade workers are initially eligible to apply for temporary work permits and then apply under a number of permanent visa options for Canadian permanent residency. As an overseas skilled worker you can obtain Canadian employment for up to four years under relevant employee contract (LMIA approved). Spending sufficient time under work permit in Canada, you can convert your visa to Canadian Experience class, the pathway to obtain Canadian PR.


  • Full time , non-seasonable Employment offer
  • Employment offer from an approved employer in Canada
  • Valid job offer from LMIA approved employer
  • Genuine desire to work until the end of employee contract
  • Financial capability to support yourself and your family
  • Binding under Canadian laws
  • Clear criminal record
  • Health Clearance


  • Stay and work in Canada for up to 4 years
  • Allows you to bring your family to stay with you
  • Your family members are allowed to study and work in Canada
  • Eligibility to apply Canadian permanent residency

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