Every each day,
for number of purposes,
thousands of people
from overseas countries
enter into Australia.

Being one of the most popular destinations for tourists and migrants, Australia is the largest Island in the world with inherent cultural, climate, economic, social and political values. Stable financial system and transparency of business atmosphere with Australian natural beauty in all climate changes make Australia is one of the most attractive and reliable prospects for business entrepreneurs. Natural resources, landscapes, and thousands of man-made attractions and many more experience in technology, food and beverage, science, nature, multi-cultural society and labour market stand as more considerable points for international students and skill migrants as well as business visitors and tourists. Unless the Australian or New Zealand citizens, people who interest to enter into Australia need to obtain the relevant valid visa before the entry. People may come to Australia for purposes such as holidays, seasonal breaks, social and cultural reasons, visit their family relatives and friends, business meetings, holiday workers, doing researches, lecturing, sport competitions, medical treatments or medical consultations. The Australian DIBP has introduced a verity of visa categories on the relevant purpose of the visit as a temporary entry. If people want to extend their visit visa they can apply on-line application for the extension.

Visitor visa – Subclass 600

This visa allows people to travel to Australia for number of purposes. As a tourist, for business visitor activities and visit family members this visa lets the people to visit Australia up to three, six or twelve months. People can apply this visa under two main streams from out of Australia such as tourist, business visitor stream. The applicant must obtain valid passport or travel documents and evidence which need to prove their purpose of visit. Medical treatments and engaging business activities for short period are not including in this visa. Tourist Stream directly focuses on people who need to visit Australia for tourist purpose. Business Visitor Stream is for business people who travel to Australia for a short business visits for meetings, contract negotiations, professional trainings and conference.

  • The applicant must have a clear genuine purpose for visit Australia
  • Valid passport or travel documents
  • Health and Character requirements
  • Financial Requirements and Security Bond
  • Obtaining comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Intend to engage relevant activities in the Tourist stream
  • Applying from outside Australia

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