Canada is infinitely
famous as a hotspot
destination for travel.

The millions of visitors travel Canada every year for different goals, ambitions and favorable concerns and aspects. Cultural diversity, favorable transparent government policies, prospective work environment, great career opportunities and ideal business and investment chances with different objective and aspirations significantly highlights the reasons for selecting Canada as their best place to travel among other countries. Natural and mesmerizing landscapes, amazing weather conditions, technical and agricultural developments, culture and traditional values and outdoor experience across Canada create inherent values of Canada significantly.

Canada visitor visa is for temporary entry into Canadian jurisdiction; as a visitor, tourists can get travel experience anywhere throughout Canada and visit their families, friends and relatives. During the stay in Canada visitors can meet employers and seek out employment opportunities for obtain work permits, dealing with business communities and agents and investigate business and investment options and market researches and explore educational institutions for further studies. This visa only allows the applicant to stay in Canada in limited time duration. Canadian visit/tourist visa is for single-entry or multiple-entry visa. Single entry visas issued for six month and multiple visas are for up to five years. You can apply Canada visitor visa category as following types;

1.Tourist (for a transit)

You are interesting to visit Canada as a tourist and enjoy Canadian culture, tradition and weather/seasonal changes you can obtain this visa under visit category. According to your passport country you may need to apply visa or eTA (electronic travel Authorization. If you are Sri Lankan passport holder and applying from applying from Sri Lanka you need to obtain visitor visa.

2.Parent or Grandparent

You are Parent and Grandparent of your children, grandchildren and you intend to visit them you may obtain this visa category under visit visa. You are required to satisfy relevant circumstances under your eligibility. Your eligibility may rely on financial capacity of your children or grandchildren in Canada.

3.Business visitor

If you intend to start and invest for a new business or you have to attend business meeting with your business partners in Canada you need to apply visit visa as a business visitor. Trade fairs, conference, conventions, meetings organized in Canada can be included as the purposes your travel to Canada.


  • Valid travel document
  • Satisfy information about genuine intention of visit
  • Evidence to prove your leaving from Canada at the end of your stay
  • Evidence of sufficient financial capacity to maintain yourself in Canada and return to home country
  • Letter of Invitation from Canadian Host (relative/business organization/Institute ect)
  • Family and relative details
  • No intention to work or study in Canada unless authorized to do so
  • No any record of previous criminal activity or pending criminal case
  • Evidence to prove that you will not be a risk to the security of Canada,
  • Additional document to establish your admissibility
  • Be in good health (complete a medical examination if necessary)
  • Clear Immigration history


As the first step you need to submit your Application along with other supporting documents to your nearest Canadian visa processing office. You may be required to obtain medical examination and police clearance. If necessary visa officer will contact you for an interview but in most cases visa application process is without interviews.

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