Are you a lover of nature?
New Zealand is a beautiful
large untouched Island full
of pristine natural beauty.

New Zealand, is a land of natural beauty and greatness with diverse of geography. Gorgeous snow-capped mountains, valleys, glaciers and even volcanoes comprise the landscape of New Zealand. The natural beauty also contributes to a rich adventurous experience making New Zealand one of the famous destinations for adventure activities and sports. Explore magnificent landscapes and coastal areas for skating, fishing, surfing, sailing, diving and many water sports and stick with scenic beauty. Apart from the natural beauty, New Zealand has world famous greatest cities which combine old and modern architecture patterns such as Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Hampton. Inherent cultural and traditional values exhibit the proud history of New Zealand while on the other hand industrial and commercial background of those cities exhibit the stable economy and developed labour market that make New Zealand a very most peaceful and prosperous living environment.

Generally, people who are interested in entering into New Zealand need to obtain relevant valid visa before the entry. For studies, seasonal breaks and visit families and relatives and business meetings people visit New Zealand.

  • The applicant must have a clear genuine purpose for visit New Zealand
  • Valid passport or travel documents
  • Health and Character requirements
  • Financial Requirements and Security Bond
  • Obtaining comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Intend to engage relevant activities in the Tourist stream
  • Applying from outside New Zealand

Restrictions @ Airport Check–Outs


If you are not holding Australian citizen or permanent residency or British citizen or permanent residency New Zealand immigration authority expects you to have a valid visa before you enter into New Zealand territory. You should obtain passport or travel document valid for at least 3 months beyond your date of departure. When you arrive in New Zealand on valid passport or travel document you have to clear through the passport control.

Once you have cleared passport control you should obey the procedure of custom and security clearance. To ensure the protection of New Zealand environment certain items are not allowed into the country. Those restricted items are certain types of food, plants, animal products and outdoor recreational equipment. Remember that if your outfit such as shoes and jackets; if they are with mud or dust the custom clearance is not going to be easy. You baggage may be detected by x-rays and/or sniffed by dogs. To avoid penalties, imprisonment or deportations you should familiarise yourself with prohibited and restricted items prior to your travel. Before packing your baggage you have to make sure you know about packaging requirements, paperwork requirements or any separate cargo treatment needed to send those items prior to your arrival etc. Upon your arrival to New Zealand you are requested to complete the passenger arrival cards and declare the list of items in your baggage.

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