Australia – 457 visa for QA Manager

Mr. WB was the Asian nominee for Australian Employer Sponsor. The nominated occupation title was Quality Assurance Manager under ANZSCO code 139914. Mr. WB the nominee of the 457 visa application submitted all his academic qualifications and relative work history of more than 15 years overseas experience in the same field. He has gained Asian and European work experience in same Apparel field. The nominated position is newly created for examining the quality of the new apparel product. The position was not related to ordinary apparel products of the company; it was designed for special fabric manufacturing. At that time there were no other suitable employee allocated for this position and the service of QA Manager Position was essential for the next apparel product procedure and to control and develop as commercial fabric.

Business Sponsor had established wider business capacity between Australia and South Asian market in different kinds of business streams. He had obtained number of documents to prove his wider scale of business capacity.

As the first application of 457 visa application the Business nomination application was lodged. Business Employer was able to prove their profitable company history, company capacity for sponsoring overseas employee, size and scope of the company and all other relevant evidence to prove the department requirements. Business Sponsorship application was approved.

Third week from the approval, Business Nomination Application was lodged with necessary documents. Market salary report, labour market testing report, financial reports, genuineness of the position report and number of other supporting documents were filed along with the application. The delegated Case Officer of DIBP had refused the nomination application under several reasons and noted that the applicant was not fulfilling relevant criteria for position and the position is not genuine and Market Salary Explanation for nominated position.

On behalf of the Applicant sponsor Migration Tribunal Review (MRT) appeal was lodged before the Tribunal. The case challenged the decision of delegated case officer. The appellant successfully produced his application along with necessary documents of the nominee who was stating his academic qualification, professional qualifications and working experience in relative field. Recommendation letters from his supervisors and academic professionals and Market Salary survey that explains the salary scale of nominated position was extremely fair and justifiable for the position.

The Tribunal has considered the business scale of the Sponsor and the necessity of the newly created QA manager position for developing his next step of production process. Evidence of product process and the contribution of the nominee in the new product procedure were considered. After reviewing the legal aspects and facts of the case the MRT was released their decision after the submission.

The nomination application was approved by the Tribunal and considered all the supporting documents in favor of the applicant and decided the nominated position can be considered as genuine and appropriate for the business.

The nominee is currently processing his visa applications for migrating under 457 Visa to Australia.

Australia – Visit visa sub class 600 (Tourist visa Stream)

Applicant is a respectable senior government servant and has obtained significant travel history in many other Asian and European countries. He could apply under Tourist visa stream under sub class 600 on his circumstances at the time of applying. He had obtained proven financial capacity, travel insurance with medical cover, invitation letter from his friend in Australia, enough finances for the duration of his stay. He has his family in Sri Lanka and established he had no any reasons for staying in Australia after finish his valid visa. Applicant had his leave grant for the one month with proofs from his employer. He could obtain the invitation letter from one of his friend in Australia.

He was able to obtain a multiple entry visa after the seven working days of the original visa lodgment. He is now ready for his second visit on November this year.

Australia – Skill migration (visa subclass 489)

Mr. SA is professionally qualified Mechanical Engineer and he worked as a government servant of SL at the time of applying for Skill migration visa to Australia. He had excellent previous work history after the completion of his BSc (Hons) in mechanical Engineering. The applicant could rely on family sponsorship of his first cousin who lives in Victoria and add 10 points for his main application under 489 visa sub class. The applicant had to score from IELTS 7.0 each for fulfilling total score calculation but initially he could obtain 6.0 each. Pending for targeted scores the applicant applied for skill Assessment with Engineers Australia with his CDR and other necessary documents. Considering all his academic and working history along with CDR, Engineers Australia issued Positive Skill Assessment Report. The process took nearly two and half a months. During this period the applicant could achieve his IELTS target of a band score of 7.0 The applicant had to rely on family sponsorship and it was also granted. All this took less than nine months. He could save his time engaging skill assessment while pending for IELTS score.

Currently the main applicant lives with his wife and six year old son in Victoria currently. They are going to apply for Australian Permanent Residency after next one and half years.

New Zealand – Work Visa

Mr. KL visited MEMI for migration option for any suitable country. He was recently graduated professional IT Engineer but not obtaining enough score calculation for Australian Skill Migration. He has obtained his Master degree along with basic degree qualification. We allocate his resume to Canada and New Zealand as our other immigration country preference. To obtain a Canada PR visa he had to fulfill much more and he could not find the desired Employer for sponsorship. For New Zealand Permanent Residency he could not pass point margins. His academic qualifications, working experience, English Requirements, Age, and offer from the employer were considered but he could not get enough scores without job offer.

We suggested that he obtain a job offer from New Zealand before the EOI submission for New Zealand skill migration. He was guided to find job offers, resume updates, maximize his professional qualification and many steps for developing his Professional profile. After two –three months he could find the job offer from New Zealand employer for initial three years. In EOI step he could obtain marginal eligible scores as successful application in the pool. After another one month time he had a nomination and then lodged Work Visa Application for Long Term Skill Shortage Work visa.

He is currently living in New Plymouth and enjoying the New Zealand career opportunity. He is enjoying his life in New Zealand, country of open spaces, open hearts and open minds.

Australia – 457 Visa

Mr. GK has established his career as a Chef in overseas. Immigration application was allocated under the Skill Migration visa category. He has more than 15 years work experience in relative field as a Chef without proper paper qualification. This main applicant required migration option with three dependent applications. He had to achieve higher IELTS scores for his main Visa Application. According to his circumstances he had two Visa options; Independent skill work visa or Employer sponsor visa 457.

Before the main visa application Mr. GK had to complete two prior tasks; IELTS and RPL certification.

For obtaining basic academic qualifications he needed to go for a RPL. All necessary documents for the RPL certification were submitted. He has submitted overseas certifications, trainings, licensing, employer recommendation letters, and evidence of his professional career. Certificate Level IV for Commercial Cookery RPL certificate was issued and evaluated his 5 years of working history. In the meantime while the RPL was being processed he prepared for IELTS. His IELTS requirements were high and he could not obtain targeted scores which we calculated for main application. He had to give up applying for Independent Skill visa category but was able to find an Employer sponsor for 457 Visa.

Then Mr. GK’s immigration application was changed under the 457 visa category. Employer Sponsor from Australia was handling higher scale of restaurant in Sydney and obtaining Business Sponsorship license. In that case the nominee had to lodge nomination Application.

Lodgment was an on-line application process. All financial reports, labour market reports and other necessary documents from the business sponsor, statement and other document evidence of nominee were lodged. After four weeks of the lodgment the department granted the nomination. Mr. GK was instructed to submit his police clearance and all other necessary documents for original visa lodgment from Dubai and dependant applications from Sri Lanka.

After 12 working days Mr. GK and his family obtained 457 Visa to Australia enabling him to stay and work in Australia for initial 4 years. Currently Mr. GK and his family live in Parramatta, Sydney.

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