Australia, the Land of
opportunity is a destination
for International Student.

Australia offers you a challenging and rewarding perspective education in vary of fields. International Students are offered vary of Basic Academics, Academic Researches, Vocational Trainings in many fields in Australian Universities and Educational and vocational Training Institutes. Universities have trend to promote practical learning, their innovations and discoveries in science and technology. Students have more chances to improve their personal abilities and obtain overseas work experience. You can enjoy the natural beauty with gorgeous beaches and attractive landscapes while you are studying in Australia. Summer camps, Carnivals, shopping Malls, Street Markets and many more opportunities are available for entertaining your student life effectively.

Reasons for Studying in Australia

  • Third most popular destination for international students
  • Top Seven universities in the world.
  • Over 1100 Institutes
  • Over 22,000 Courses
  • Five of the 30 best cities in the world
  • World Recognized Degrees
  • Less living Expenses and Tuition Fee
  • Scholarships for International Students
  • Modern Technological Advantages
  • High Standard of Living
  • Impressive Education pedigree on discoveries and innovations
  • Cultural Diversity


Student Visa is a kind of Temporary Visa that is valid for the duration of your course. Depending on your Basic Academic Qualifications, Vocational Trainings, Working Experience and English Requirements you may need to select the type of Study Course. Australian government offer you several visa Sub Classes relevant for your individual circumstances. Student Visa options are available for School (Primary /Secondary) education, Vocational Education and Trainings, Higher education and Post graduate researches. Normally you can include your spouse and children in your application. The requirements and restrictions on Australian Visas differ depending on the visa category which you are applying.

We offer free advice and student counseling for Australian Student Visa Sub classes. Our service includes Academic Course selection, Visa Processing, Financial standard, migration service, accommodation and other general welfare


  • Confirmation of Enroll (CoE) for CRICOS (Commonwealth Registry of International Courses for Overseas Students) registered Course
  • Obtain sufficient English Language ability
  • Meet Genuine Temporary Entrance Requirement
  • Sufficient Financial Capacity
  • Adequate Health Insurance
  • Evidence for accommodation and welfare (if the applicant is under 18 years)
  • Obtain Clear Health and Character requirements.


  • Study full-time
  • Accompany with your dependant family members
  • Eligible for working permitted numbers of hours
  • Stay in Australia until the study course is finished

Student Visa will be assessed against two factors:

  • Your Passport Nationality
  • Type of Student Visa you wish to apply for


MEMI guide you to range of Study options including under-graduate, post graduate and research Degrees in Management, Engineering, Hospitality and Tourism, Accountancy, Designing, Sport Science, Medicine, Nursing and many others.

You are required to obtain deferent level of English requirement matching for your Academic level. Our Student Advisors will help you through the all steps of the Application process.

You are required to prove your genuine financial capacity available with you for your Academic Course, Travel Cost and Living Expenses and your family members while your stay in Australia.

Most of universities and Institutes offer student accommodation facility under the cheep cost. But if you prefer to find separate private place for accommodating MEMI assist you to find a better place.

Student visa will grant you work rights 20 hours per week in session of your main study course.
Australian Student visas are valid for duration of the proposed course study. After completion of relevant study course the applicant may apply for post study work permit in Australia. That temporary visa is path for Australian Permanent Residency.


Personal Details of the Applicant

First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Education Qualification:
Current Work Experience(If any):
Previous Work Experience(If any):

Study Options

Field of Education:
Expecting Intake:
Expecting Level of Studies:
University Preference(if you have any):
Relative in Australia:
English Ability:

Contact Details

Postal Address:
Contact Number(Office time):
Contact Number(Out of office time):
Available Day of the Week:
Viber/Skype/Whats App information:
Choose the file:


International students may bring your dependent family members with you. When you apply for student visa original application you can apply for them at the same time of your student visa application.You can also add them after you started your study program in Australia. If you intend to add your dependent family members in your original student visa application, you must include all members of your family on your original Form 157A, Application for a student visa. If you intend to add family members after you have started your study program you must submit Nomination of student dependants- Form 919 and Application for a student visa – Form 157A along with other necessary documents.

Applying dependent visa after the submission of original student visa application may raise critical and complicate situations if you did not include the dependent detail in Form 157 A. You need to submit proper explanation to satisfy the criteria under student and dependant visa.

How to do Effective Course Selection


Are you not sure about your course selection?
You question is absolutely possible and predictable. There are thousands of study options and course selections from various Education Institutes. It can be hard to narrow your preference.
Here is the key steps for make the better decision.

Inspiring Industry

  • Make sure about the your inspiring career, field and Industry.
  • Select the career options in the Industry
  • Check the current Job Market opportunities in the relevant industry
  • Compare the financial outcome, range of opportunities and assuming time for each higher positions in the field.
  • Find out the trend and future risks and growth

The Best Suitable Course

  • Grade of the course ( Under Graduate / Graduate/Post Graduate/ Vocational or Trade/ Research
  • Fulltime or part time ( generally overseas students are compulsory to follow full-time course)
  • Start up semester
  • Course Duration
  • Exams/Assessments/Thesis/Dissertations/ Researches
  • Payment options & Scholarships

Reserve your free consultation with a MEMI student Consultant

You may feel your decision is not sure or firm, you can contact one of our Student consultant.You can get expert advice on the course selection, module, criteria and enrolment process.

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Study in Australia


Australia is the one of most popular destination for overseas students.

Most of overseas students have to obtain valid Visa for entering into Australia as a student. Students are required to apply for relevant visa category matching with study course with the enrollment letter with the education institute. Study while work options are available for many student programs. Work hours are limited in the session but out of the study session work hours are flexible as 40 hours per week. Most of universities provide student accommodation and it is much more cheaper than private accommodation but if you prefer to enjoy your student life with your home country friends and relatives there are many comfortable accommodation facilities on reasonable price.

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