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Canada offers a range of study permits as one of the most popular study destination for international students. More than 200, 000 students select Canada as their Study destination each year. Study in Canada can point you in the correct direction for academic success. High academic standards, quality control and globally recognized diplomas, degrees, and post graduate programs allow you to start your career path anywhere else in the world. You can experience coolest climate and higher standard of work relative opportunities to enhance your career profile while you are studying in Canada. There are a number of world’s high ranking universities, education Institutes, colleges and academies available for a variety of study options in diverse of fields. Closely connected to the USA labour market Canada is the best destination for developing your career path and obtaining Canadian Permanent Residence in Canada.


  • Study–supportive environment
  • High-technology
  • Cultural diversity
  • Well- qualified academic staff
  • Internationally recognized course modules
  • Maximize the value of cost effectiveness of studying
  • Highest living standard and the quality of the life
  • Low living expenses
  • Affordable Education
  • Standard health and safety Policies
  • Trend of Innovative and Abundant and Researches opportunities
  • Standard Language System
  • Highest contribution to Canada labour market
  • Direct opportunity to permanent residence path.
  • High life expectancy and Law crime rate.


Canadian Student visa option can be introduced as a temporary visa and generally Study Permit is required for study in Canada for not less than six months. The most effective visa option for opening path to Canada Permanent Residency, a study permit allows the foreign student to study in Canada at an approved Educational Institute (designated Learning Institutes) in Canada for the duration of study course or program.


  • Valid Letter of Acceptance (COE) from designated Learning Institution of Canada
  • Sufficient Financial Capacity
  • Health and Character Clearance
  • Satisfy the Genuine Student Criteria


  • Study Full-time
  • Accompany with your dependent family members
  • Eligible for obtaining student work permit
  • Stay in Canada until study course is finished
  • Eligible for applying work permit after finish the Studies
  • Allows work permit for dependent

Work Permit for International Students

Working in Canada while you are studying is the most important opportunity for International student and creates a long path for career life and future in Canada. You are able to do on-campus part time jobs without work permit if you are a full-time student of Canadian designated learning Institution and have obtained a valid study permit. Otherwise you have to obtain a student work permit for off-campus work during the semester breaks of main study course. After you complete your studies you may apply for a post study work permit within 90 days of obtaining the graduate notification or final certificate. You are eligible to get post work permit to equal of the duration of your study course but not only for a maximum of three years.

Work Permits for Student Dependents

If you are a full-time student of a Canadian designated Learning Institution and have obtained a valid work permit your spouse or partner can obtain a work permit. The validation of the permit is the same period of time as your study permit. Obtaining “Open Work Permit” allows your partner or spouse to on or off campus full-time work during your studies.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Acceptance Letter (COE) from designated learning institution of Canada
  • Valid Passport
  • Immigration Paperwork
  • Air tickets
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Pre-arrangements on accommodation facilities
  • Pre-arrangement on airport transport
  • Currency exchange arrangement
  • Check baggage & travel rules and custom limitations
  • All paperwork for enrolling with education Institution
  • Academic transcripts and other important certificates
  • The set of photo copies of all necessary documents
  • Make sure you have your important telephone numbers & addresses, medications, hygiene pack in your hand language.

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