New Zealand Education Institutions
and Universities are
highly recognised worldwide.

Are you planning to study in New Zealand? This is definitely a good choice for any student. Course modules are delivered by highly experienced teaching staff with personal attention. Education qualifications are internationally recognised and most welcome by employers. Compared to local education, overseas education in New Zealand ensures the opening up of an academic path to the post work experience & career opportunities with New Zealand Employers. To ensure the standard of Education Qualifications for overseas students, Education providers are monitored by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and classified in to levels between 1 and 10. In addition, study in the rural area of New Zealand offers you more points for your Permanent Residence Application. New Zealand skill Migration point calculation schedule specially focus on New Zealand Education, Working Experience and the Job Offer from the New Zealand Employer. Study in New Zealand ultimately offers you work & settlement in New Zealand as a smart migration option. After the completion of the study course the student can apply for post- study work visa for 12 months to find the job and if the student can find the job he/she could apply for a 2 year post- study work visa.

Reasons to Studying New Zealand

  • 7th best education destination in the World
  • Eight world ranking universities
  • Over 13,000 Internationally recognized Courses
  • Variety of Course selection
  • Best Student Cities of the World
  • Top cities in the list of Liveable Cities
  • Three levels in Education System
  • High Standard of Living
  • Less living Expenses and Tuition Fee
  • Less English Requirements
  • Local student rate for Masters, PhD & Research Students.
  • Scholarships for International Students
  • Modern Technological Advantages
  • Impressive Education pedigree on discoveries and innovations
  • Cultural Diversity



  • Offer of Placement from New Zealand education provider
  • NZQA approved Study Course
  • Sufficient English Requirement
  • Holder of valid passport or travel document
  • Sufficient Financial Capacity
  • Onward Travel Evidence
  • Meet bona-fide Entrance Requirement
  • Evidence for accommodation and welfare (if the applicant is under 18 years)
  • Obtain Clear Health and Character requirements.
  • Health and Travel insurance for the length of the stay ( Except PhD students)


  • Full- Time Study
  • 20 hours work hours during the session
  • Full -time work hours during study vacations
  • Legal parent or guardian accompany with minor students
  • Allow to bring dependant partner and children
  • Dependant Partner allows to work
  • Path for Permanent Residence

MEMI Special service for Students

MEMI Consultants are experts in the New Zealand education system and remains the dedication towards to top one-stop visa solution for New Zealand studies. We ensure your eligible requirement guidelines, step by step visa process guidelines, visa submission, pre and post travel guidance and visa extensions.

MEMI offers you a variety of services:

  • University/Institution and Course Selection
  • IELTS enrolment and preparation
  • Course Enrolment
  • Financial Assistance
  • Visa Application Documentation & submission
  • Scholarship Guidance
  • Pre-Travel Consultations
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Free Airport Pick-up
  • Part time Job Assistance
  • Career Development Assistance


Personal Details of the Applicant

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Date of Birth:
Education Qualification:
Current Work Experience(If any):
Previous Work Experience(If any):

Study Options

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What is the lifetime gift offering for your child?


Education is the best investment for your children.

New Zealand is a unique place to discover new experiences, science and technology. New Zealand education system offers flexible support to students from different cultures and backgrounds. New Zealand is an economically and politically stable, peaceful country with cultural diversity and a high standard of living, clean environment, and high agricultural standards. English speaking environment in New Zealand also offers an opportunity to develop their personal language knowledge and face the New Zealand job market in future. Scholarships offer a great opportunity to overseas students and open doors to unique and exclusive experiences. Obtaining a scholarship is highly competitive but it increases the chance of academic achievement.

How to Overcome Challenges as an International Student?


Studying overseas is a real challenge for a STUDENT.

This journey is not easy. There are lots of challenges but you can overcome those challenges. New environment – new experience – new life style; at the beginning you may feel it as the worst experience ever. But it is not too harde if you can face the challenge differently.

You have to follow the perfect method of study. Focus on your ultimate goal and career life after your studies. Recall your memory about your education achievements; that will encourage you to go for a new start. Study your course module and be knowledgeable about your exam dates, assessment deadlines, projects, presentations and dissertations. Be familiar with your academic staff; discuss further about your course modules and syllabus. They are always ready to give more details and recourses for your academic success. Understand their targets, patterns and interests in exams and assessments. Discuss with your friends and organize after hours group discussions. Make maximum use of your college Library. There are huge collections of paper packs, CDs and on-line recourses. Focus on several study patterns; such as self-studies, group discussions, reference resources, researches etc.

While you are engaging with your regular studies the first barrier you have to face is the cultural difference. You have to move with people from different cultures in a different cultural and social environment. The changes you have to face are sort of new experience and try to justify. Engage with social clubs and international student unions. You can learn many more things from different cultures & traditions. Generally New Zealanders are very peaceful people. Be familiar with your neighbors and batch mates. Start from the supermarket nearby your student accommodation or residence. You can study them and learn their accent, pronunciation, greetings, life style, leisure activities, and many more things to help you adapt to the new environment.

After the first two exciting weeks in your new environment you may begin to feel home-sickness. Activate your internet package or buy a smart package and contact your loving family and friends back home. You can phone them and Skype with them. Make it a habit after daily lectures; it will be another motivating factor. Share your experience with your family and friends.

Climate change is another major challenge for students. It makes you lazy for early morning lectures and encourages ‘class bunking’. Climate changes also make you feel unwell. Sneezing, diarrhea, cold and sore throat are common physical challenges. Try to switch on with grandma’s old remedies; you can try honey and lime, hot black tea at the beginning of your illness. If it is not working, you can buy simple medications from your local grocery stores.

Maintaining you finances effectively is the another key challenge for you when living abroad. It is useful to find a part time job that complies with your visa conditions. Generally you are allowed 20 hours per week if your course is in session. Try to cut down your unnecessary expenditure. Make your own sandwich or burger and a coffee for breakfast. You can save more than 8 dollars. There are lots of cook-ready potions available in your local grocery shop; home cooked meals are tasty, nourishing and healthier than fast foods. Recycle your plastic, papers, clothes and shoes; you can save more. There are lots of tips for saving your pocket money and enjoying your student life meaningfully. Keep trying to find job opportunities; it gives financial support as well as work experience in foreign environment and creates the path for your future career.

Disappointments always have a negative effect on student life. Grades for examinations, assessments and presentations can discourage you and make you despondent. All those are temporary and you can change them. If you cannot gain good marks for examinations there should be an error in your writing, presenting, and pattern of focusing and the level of understanding the relevant question. Studies are hard but offer you more. Be organised in your daily studies; focus on all subjects and modules. Try to find your weaknesses; there are thousands of study methods you can easily find. Target next semester if you could not achieve in last. Attend some sports and activities; they can relax your mind and boost your health.

Further Education

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