Message from the Founder, Chairman of MEMI (Pvt) Ltd

Mr Sugath Liyanage


After years of observing the trend of immigration all over the world I have come to firm decision to incorporate Immigration Law consultancy firm in Sri Lanka. I have heard number of true stories of people who had bad experience in immigration process without proper direction.

People find access to migration legal services are costly and scarce. To ensure their success MEMI is incorporated to focus on professional expertise in migration services to assist and to find the secure and sustainable immigration solutions for all socio-economic migration issues in the current society.

Cross-border moments have become extremely normal global consideration. The presence of national and international boarders appears to play huge role in migration decisions. People cross different jurisdictions for studies, work and travel but should adhere and obey immigration rules and regulations and should obtain relevant visas. More and more visa applicants currently consider seeking proper legal advice from legal professionals to avoid later disappointments.

Each and every country has their own immigration regulations which are continuously reviewed and changed to suit their economic, political and diplomatic circumstances. Realising the peoples’ desires in immigrating we focus to assisting people in immigration procedure with updated knowledge of immigration rules and regulations, thereby allowing them to enjoy trustworthy and professional application process.

We appreciate to all our respectable clients who trusted us during our initial years of operation as a new player in the migration law area. Different Facts and situations of your applications encourage us to deal with different experts, professionals and international organisations. According to your highly recognized tract records we also would like to assist you in all your migration needs.

Client satisfaction, client loyalty, current demands and sustainability of the service are crucial factors which I consider vital for the long-term survival which can only be achieved through the contribution of dedicated Registered Migration Agents ,Consultants and Administrative staff. My current focus is to establish an excellent client oriented customer as a core value within MEMI. MEMI is offering a Global service ensuring Professional Ethics, Standards and Etiquettes in order to fulfill all aspects in immigration process until the final outcome of any matter undertaken.

At the time of this writing MEMI is dealing in complex, complicated and demanding matters with well- experienced Barristers, Solicitors, Attorneys, Consultants and Para-legal Administrative Staff. Ultimately, their expectation is to they provide you highly cost effective reliable immigration solutions to your customised needs.

We regularly conduct free legal seminars and workshops on multiple topics in immigration law in order to educate the public about the law and its applicability in various situations. I warmly welcome our respective clients and audience to introduce new activities and plans for our free legal service in each year.

We endeavour to assist you to achieve you a successful future.

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Sugath Liyanage


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