Skilled Professionals in Hospitality Industry & Migration opportunities for Australia

World tourism enjoys rapid growth throughout the world. International tourist arrivals are motivated by leisure, recreation and holidays. Business activities, visiting relations and friends, religious/pilgrimages, health treatments are mostly common reasons for international travel.

Tourism industry claims the growth in exchanging foreign currency and enhancing the foreign cultural and traditional values. Hotels, restaurants, spas, travel and tourism and tour operation services are sub-segments of tourism industry.

Among those sub segments Hotels and restaurants are the highest on the list. Based on long term profit margins hotels and restaurants maintain universal standard for human resource recruitments for a range of positions relating to front office management, food and beverage, accounts & finance, constructing & engineering, Human Resources, housekeeping and maintenance. Star class hotels and hotel chains in the world maintain wider company hierarchy and General Manager (GM) is supervising all branch managers, food and beverage managers, front office managers, sales and marketing managers, purchasing Manager, Finance manager, HR manager, Café and Restaurant manager, Chef, Cook, Pastry cook & Baker and Facility managers.

Australia is one of the most famous and expensive travel destinations in the world. Contribution of geographical, socio- economical, cultural and political factors could raise Australian hospitality and tourism industry with unbreakable future demand. Surrounded by sea, number of natural beaches, internal and external lakes, spring water fountains, natural beauty and wildlife diversity are highly eye-catching features in Australian hospitality and truism industry. In reality, all those factors play a wider role to shape the labor market demands in the industry.

Australia is experiencing skilled shortage in hospitality and tourism industry. According to the Australian Labour Force Report of 2015 -2020 71% of businesses in café and restaurant sector showed recruitment deficiencies. In order to cover future demand in growing industry hospitality and tourism sectors will require an additional 123,000 workers by 2020. Australia is rapidly growing with hotel developments and constructions with undergoing construction of projects of new restaurant and café chains. According to officials ‘there is a rapid growth in cafes, take away places and restaurants and in Australia there is a shortfall of 56, 000 workers in the industry. The industry will require additional jobs 44,000 by 2018. Chefs, Cooks , Bakers and Restaurant Managers are most difficult vacancies to fill. More small scale Australian businesses can hire overseas skilled professionals and enter into the trade with trained staff.

This situation leads the industry to recruit more overseas qualified skilled professionals for Chef, Cook and Restaurant manager vacancies. Under the new industrial labor agreement overseas skilled migrants for those vacancies must meet highly standard criteria. English language requirement, skilled professional qualifications and post work experience are essential to fulfill necessary DIBP requirements. 189, 190, 489 and 457 visa subclasses are currently available for Sri Lankan applicants for a sustainable migration pathway. Job shortage in Australian hospitality industry can lead you to a sustainable permanent residence and obtain Australian PR successfully.

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