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The past two of years have seen a significant expansion in our role in contributing international Attorneys, Consultants and Agents, Experts, academic bodies and institutions. Beyond the financial limitations, relationships with clients are genuine and meaningful. Reliability, Responsibility and Efficiency form the core of our relationship with our respectable clients. As a modern immigration Law consultancy firm we care about quality service and respect all clients’ personal pride as well as their culture, religion and social and educational background. Collaboration international and local teams are the way of offering cost predictable sustainable results through practically effective, completely flexible, multi–national legal service.

There are a number of different sub classes, forms and structures of Immigration and the migration process.

In many cases this complexity is the main factor that the people give up the migration process.

Delivering exceptional professional legal service and advocacy across the terms of codes of conduct and disciplines, MEMI proudly offer wider range of expert immigration services to ensure all your immigration issues that require immediate attention.

Currently MEMI is a leader in immigration Law and enjoys a high reputation nationally and internationally beyond the commercial goals.

Sometimes people require additional information of their property maintenance, business transfers, investments, financial facilities, changes of civil status relate with their immigration application. Almost all those issues directly or indirectly affect their migration plans. Providing more comprehensive services for our respectable clients we will facilitate wider range of legal consultations with the legal practitioners and experts in the relevant fields. Our Attorneys are able to manage all aspects of immigration law and to address the extraordinary sensitive and complex cases as a matter of routine.

Thus MEMI service relies on Responsiveness; sound understanding of the case, cost-effectiveness, integrity, civility, and sustainability of the result. In short, you can solve your all issues and conflicts relating to the main immigration application under one roof. As a more important further step in your refusal or denial of the visa application we are also undertaking Visa Appeals, Migration Reviews and Tribunal Representation and Report Preparation.

If you need a specialist Immigration lawyer on your side we proudly expect your earliest instructions. Our diverse legal team includes prestigious Barristers, Solicitors, Attorneys, Legal professionals and foremost experts in sensitive counseling, litigating, arbitrating, conveyancing who provide our clients with individual attention. They have an excellent reputation within the legal community and among the international and domestic clients.

MEMI as Immigration Professionals

It is not compulsory for depending on migration lawyers or migrant agent but applicants can get more obvious benefits if they consult Professional Immigration Attorneys or Legal practitioners. If the applicant has had previous refusal, appealing process, migration reviews, family migration issues or any complicity on immigration history immigration professionals should be able to evaluate these complex cases more accurately than a mere agent. Visa process can be complex and time-consuming without proper guidance. Distinguishing between agents and legal practitioners often depend on Academic qualification, substantial practicing experience, special skills of attorneys and legal practitioners. Immigration Law is complicated and constantly changing. Professional immigration Attorneys, barristers, Solicitors and Consultants are always keeping up to date with changes to immigration law and regulations and correctly interpret the visa criteria. They apply their experience, practice and knowledge and identify correct visa category in order to maximise the chances of the application. The applicant can also get instruction on correct and accurate documentation. The skill of analysing difficult scenarios and offering the best sustainable and suitable immigration options are very important for the success of the application.

If applicants do not submit the application with necessary supporting documents their case may take longer processing time and sometimes they might possible to refuse. To prevent those initial and core mistakes it is important to seek assistance from immigration professionals. It is more important that the migration professional has fully understanding of the meaning and impact of the immigration Law and regulations and the ability to represent you in future steps. Immigration Attorneys are always the best option for representation on their reputation legal practice.

At the heart of MEMI is a Professional Standard Service for migration issues of our valued clients. We have a number of service options for you. After the allocation of your case worker you will begin the preparation of your case. This step goes with collection of information and documents. The primary approach of your case is explaining the steps of your application. Then you will have individual Action Plan for entire process. That makes your immigration process cost and time effective. After the final Review of your case we assist you with the original submission. Finally we deliver the result of your application.

Steps in your Immigration Process

Free Assessment, Case Evaluation Report and Initial consultation are initial procedures for assessing your case. After the initial consultation you are required to register with MEMI once you satisfy our service on your immigration Application.Once you register with MEMI we will assign a dedicated member to you as your case-worker under the supervision of a Senior Consultant.

After your initial consultation you may sign up with MEMI and then we will offer a further consultation with a Registered Senior Migration Consultant.Migration Agent or a Consultant will set up your legal fees structure and responsibilities in representing you. If you wish to continue the process you may sign up a contract with the Migration Agent. We will give you the guidelines and professional advice that you need to prepare your migration application accurately.

We provide you the list of document for you your particular visa Application. You have to gather all those documents in favour of your application.Your case –worker will continue to assist you at every step until the original visa lodgment.

Case Worker and your Senior Consultant will evaluate your current situation and work out the time limitations and schedule for preparing your application within the time-frame available.

Each visa application is different based on the client’s personal circumstances, visa type and country preference. You may require obtaining initial visa requirements before the original submission.

Your Original Visa application (including your dependent applications) is reviewed by your Migration Agent. Paperwork, Supporting Documents, Academic Transcripts, Financial Requirements, Police Clearance, Sponsorship letters and Employer Sponsored Letters and all other document along with your original visa application are considered as part of this process.

We will assist you to do the original submission to relevant Visa Office and pay your visa fee. We will act beyond your expectations and you can be assured our professional service.

We will monitor your application until you get the grant letter.

Congratulations! We assist you on travel, accommodation and many other essentials before your departure.
However, if your case is refused you should consider the appealing without any delay.

Diversity of Excellent Service

Having experience in handling of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UK immigration Laws, all your immigration applications are compared with comprehensive resources from the Legal Experts of leading law forums and experts.

MEMI initially maps out every matter on inherent contingencies, performance stages, anticipate government arguments and merits of entire Application. Millions of people in the globe attempt to fulfill their dreams of Studying, Living and Working somewhere outside their home country for a number of practical reasons. They represent different type social, political and religious categories. Irrespective of race, religion, country, gender MEMI serves you and advice you to maximizing your chances and improving your possibilities and potentials. Our prestigious Attorneys are standing by your side to undertake the challenge and offer a justifiable solution for you. Using their professional tools they attempt to stimulate your accessibility. They also take every individual case into maximum consideration and look into every aspects of the case and will assist you at every stage of your immigration application.

We devote our time and resources throughout the entire process of your immigration application to offer you a maximum service match with you and your family members’ migration needs. We assist you with

  • Immigration Applications
  • Work Permit Applications
  • International Student Applications
  • Immigration Refusals, Cancellation and Appeals
  • Sponsorship Applications
  • Translations and Attestations
  • Passport Applications & Green Card Applications
  • Medical and Police Clearance
  • Temporary Accommodation Facilities
  • Travel Plans & Cheap Air-ticket Booking
  • Financial and Property Transfers
  • Business Investments & Partnership
  • Patent and Trademark Applications
  • Commercial contracts
  • RPL ( Recognition of Prior Learning) certification Guidance
  • IELTS assistance for Students & Professionals

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning


Find out your Immigration Eligibility within 24 hours

MEMI Consultants are ready to represent you with well-rounded professional skills and experience. We always assist you to lodge your immigration application under national and international immigration and migration laws and regulations. Fill out the Immigration Eligibility Form below which will take only 5-8 minute to complete. Completing this form will help us to find the suitable option and issue the Eligibility Test Report or offer a 5 minute Phone Consultation with you. We will get back to you within one business day to let your know your Eligibility Statues. If you are eligible for the selected country preference then we will book a paid consultation with one of our expert immigration Attorney to discuss your immigration application further.

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