If you have de facto relationship or legal marriage with an Australian citizen or permanent residence holder or eligible New Zealand citizen you are eligible for applying Australian partner visa under several subclasses. Relationship with eligible sponsoring partner will allow you to apply this visa from Australia or offshore. You must be sponsored by eligible sponsoring partner basis on marriage or de facto relationship. You must fulfill 12 months time requirement when you apply partner visa through your de fact relationship.

The applicant partner and the sponsoring partner should prove their mutual and genuine relationship with necessary strong evidence and satisfy the department regulations on criteria below;

  • 1. The nature of your commitment to each other
  • 2. Social Contact of the relationships
  • 3. The nature of the household
  • 4. Financial aspects

Married or de facto relationship

Visa subclass 820 (Temporary) and 801 (Residence) are valid applications for in-country applicants. If applicants wish to apply from offshore they must apply under 309 (provisional) and 100 (migrant) visa subclasses. Applicants are allowed to include minor dependent children / step-children to the main application and required to prove their relationship to the applicant partner and sponsoring partner. Applicant and sponsoring partner’s health and character clearance is highly considered after the recent changes of immigration rules under the partner visas.

Prospective Marriage

If you are intend to marry Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen you can apply under subclass 300 for allowing to come to Australia and marry your prospective partner. You need to lodge this application offshore and this visa allows you to come to Australia for a period of nine months.

This is the one of most complicate visa subclass for applicants. Process is generally coming with significant document evidence and supporting documents in order to satisfy necessary criteria.To lodge a successful application you need to prepare your case file with strong document evidence. The process will be complicated on individual circumstance of both applicant and sponsoring partner; you need to fulfill all relevant criteria and satisfy necessary legal requirements relating to the scale of the relationship between the applicants and sponsoring partner.

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