Medical Tourism

“An easy access for standard medications & treatments; medical tourism promotes the right of medical treatments beyond the international jurisdictions.”

People have free choice to select the country that they need to get medical service for any urgent or elective medical procedures for their healthcare issues. In the terms of immigration rules and regulations patients can obtain tourist visa from many Europe and non-Europe countries on the several circumstances.

Medical tourism brings multiple benefits for patients who need to rely on overseas healthcare service on their health complications due to a number of reasons: unavailability of effective treatments, to avoid long waiting lists, access to standard and advanced treatments; lesser cost, cosmetic surgeries other minor surgeries, high quality medications and cost–effective transplants. This is very popular trend to travel developed countries liked USA, UK, New Zealand, German and Canada. Japan, India, Singapore and Thailand are also popular destinations for medical tourism. According to published data of world tourism organization Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, USA, Singapore, India, Brazil, Turkey and Costa Rica are world’s top destinations for Medical tourism. There has been a substantial growth in this field during last few years in Sri Lanka through a number of overseas countries for western and Ayurvedic treatments. Cosmetic surgery, Coronary Artery by-pass surgery, Dental surgery, fertility treatments, Cancer treatment and orthopedic replacements are recognized as common health issues among medical travelers.

Depending on the country of host patients they need to fulfill basic immigration rules and regulations for applying this specialist temporary visa. If you need to obtain second medical opinion for your health issues or urgent treatment for complicate health situation or higher quality medication types (ayurveda, homeopathy, meditation, herbal etc) you can get medical facility under the cost. Cosmetic surgeries, coronary-bypass and bariatric operations are recognized as very popular reasons for medical truism.

If you have any intention of travelling for medical treatment you need to obtain several important documents for your visa process. In many countries there are no any special visa category for Medical tourists; you need to rely on general immigration rules and requirements under the general process of both country of origin and hosting country. First you need to obtain recommendation letter from your medical service provider or facilitator. History of the health issue, previous treatments, and medical opinions, duration of the treatment, transport, accommodation arrangements and other necessary documents are also very important to convince the immigration authorities.

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