Immigration Law

Immigration law refers to the rules and regulations established by relevant states, territories or governments for determining who should cross the borders temporarily or permanently. Depending on international laws and inherent laws of state or government, immigration laws control and enforce the legal status of the foreign nationals. Immigration law is the most diverse area of the law and the nature of the case depends on the circumstances of the applicant. In practice attorneys tend to specialize in particular criteria of immigration law.

Immigration, Custom and Border Protection authorities are parts of domestic security of every state or government and they are authorized bodies responsible for keeping the border security.

In general; people from foreign countries obtain the permission through the visa process from their home country and foreign country. Immigrant visas for temporary or permanent stay in the country and become employed there. Non-immigrant visas stand for temporary stay on purposes for tourists, students and business people.

People apply for migration to for foreign countries and Permanent Residency or Citizenship in order to pursue financial goals and career developments as well as in expectation of educational and social benefits

Political, Economic, Social and Ethical factors are also driving the rapid increase in immigration applications from countries in the developing world to migrate to developed countries in the globe. Immigrants are important to any country; as they enrich the culture and economy. However, at present immigration laws in many developed countries are m a state of flux as many of these countries are dealing with concerns about a rapidly increasing migrant and refugee populations. This has been complicated by the issue of transnational terrorism.

Each year almost all countries change and develop their immigration rules and regulation and attempt to select a limited number of applicants with Skills and Academic qualifications, Working and trade experience, Health and Character requirements, financial requirements are all taken in to due consideration. Against the rapid development of the complicity and number of immigration matters authorities often change their immigration rules and regulations and make the procedure difficult for those without proper qualifications or credentials.

The complexity of and the frequent changes to immigration law makes it imperative that a prospective applicant seeks the help of a qualified and specialized practitioner. Legal procedure can be very complicated for an individual to handle on his or her own. One single, tiny mistake can negatively affect the entire process. Notwithstanding a general legal practitioners’ interference, the value and benefit of specialized legal professional service cannot be understated.

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