Obviously yes, vast proportions of applicants are unaware how firm the immigration rules and regulations. Almost all refusals and unnecessary delays are coming with technical errors by submitting wrong and insufficient documents. If you are unable to fulfill basic and necessary visa requirements under the guideline of particular visa category you may fall to obtain successful visa grant. There are different visa requirements available for each visa category. Producing bogus documents and information, poor documentation, insufficient financial requirements, lack of dependant requirements and applying for wrong visa category are common mistake in rejections. Check the document checklist DIBP has officially published.

Obviously you can start the application process alone but you may need professional guidance in some stages in your application. Immigration professionals are often familiar with update knowledge of immigration rules and regulation. Their experience and practicing knowledge assist you to apply the best suitable visa category under your current circumstances. Immigration professionals (MARA registered) often discuss your chances, risks and the necessary steps for preventing future risks in the process before you enter into the process.

If you prefer to select our professional service you can visit our official web site and send your resume and details for a free assessment. We are happy to assess your eligibility under relevant and selected visa category on provided details. If you need to discuss your detail and circumstance further you have to reserve the appointment. Applying for some visa categories is complicate and need further consultation. In that process you can resolve your many concerns on matching visa subclass, steps of the process, financial requirements, English requirements for eligibility, dependant applications and their eligibility.

No, you do not. Scales of financial requirements differ from types of visa categories. Student visa is the most considerable visa category on the factor of financial demand. Similarly, business and visitor visa are another visa categories you need to fulfill high scale of financial requirements. Applicants for Skilled migration visa category are under the lesser financial requirements. You are required to prove your financial demand evidently. As offshore main applicant you need to show AUD 35,000 maximum and each additional dependant application cost you AUD 5,000 from combination of assets and cash. In addition you need to produce financial capacity declaration to prove and declare your financial support.

Applying for student visa study gap may raise considerable issue if you are unable to explain the reasons for gap. In order to satisfy case officer you need to provide proper explanation with evidence why you had a study gap. Study gap is truly predictable; some applicants have to engage with work experience and trainings after their initial academic and then they need to obtain higher academic qualification after several years. If you have proper explanation you can avoid the negative effects on the issue of study gap. Work gap also raises same effects to skilled migrants. Total years of post work experience with work gaps can be adversely affected skilled assessment and points for main application under skilled migration. Previous immigration history always evaluates your credibility of the application under visa rules and regulations. Not compelling with visa rules and regulations and producing bogus documents and information always reduce the credibility of your application. If you have those issues you need to get professional advice to overcome the negative effect.

50 % of candidates are happy to do the skilled assessment process without any professional instruction. The process of skilled assessment with necessary skilled assessing authority seems like easy and simple on-line process. Before going to the skilled assessment you need to verify your current and previous work history and basic academia matching with demanding occupation title in the lists of SOL and CSOL. Eligibility assessment is more important before you cost money and time for skilled assessment. Some assessing authorities are requiring English language requirement as the basic requirement for engaging with the assessment process but always their requirements for assessment and score band for main application are not equal. Lack of documents and submitting unnecessary documents can often make unnecessary delays and negative outcome. Producing bogus documents and information are strictly considered by DIBP; you should not submitting incorrect and misleading information for the entire application process.

SOP (statement of Purpose) is essential part of student visa application and initial way you can address the visa officer in order to convince your current circumstances in terms of relevant department rules and regulations under student visa subclasses. You need to explain your academic history, credentials and interest in applying for relevant course module at particular university/college/Institute. In addition, you can add details about your dependants, family, relatives and sponsors to convince the visa officer on genuineness of your application and ensure the leaving after completion of your studies

Answer is totally depending on your personal circumstances. Combination of factors such as financial, education, work experience, employment, age and eligible sponsors can prompt your application to different valid visa solutions. Free assessment service is available for you in order to check your eligibility under sustainable visa option. Eligibility assessment is the initial stage of our comprehensive visa application service.

The length of time for the entire process is depending on a number of factors including the visa type, steps of the application, particular requirements and level of verification. We are able to estimate the timeframes once we assess your application under the suitable visa subclass.

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