You need to apply for particular university or Educational Institute and obtain Letter of Acceptance (LOA) as the first step of your student permit application to Canada

Requirements are depending on University and study module selection. Generally, you need to fulfill English /French language requirements, academic history and current or previous work history and financial requirements (tuition fees)

No, you need to obtain Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) for traveling in and out Canada. Requirements are depending on your country of origin.

Fairly yes, practically, the higher chances of scholarships are coming with Canadian education qualification. You need to complete your initial studies in Canada and increase your chances. Provinces and territories are often offering scholarships on their special concerns and economical developments

January, May and September

Elementary and Secondary Education

Language Schools

Colleges for certificates, short career- focused courses, diploma and other university transfer programs

Universities for under graduate, post graduate, research, professional development programs

Yes, you will receive Post Work Permit for minimum 3 years after your graduation. This open work permit allows you to work with number of Canadian employers and collect work experience. Canadian work experience gives you more points for your Permanent Residence application.

Yes, obtain Canadian education qualification is the one main factor in Canadian PR application. You can benefit number of opportunities if you obtain Canadian academic qualifications. Provincial nominee, Federal skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class and many other immigration programs are recognized as current potential immigration programs for graduates.

Education is responsibility of the provinces and territories. Canadian Master and PhD programs can prompt you apply PR and offer you more points to your PR application. Relevant province/territory considers the scale of economical development and contribution while the applicants are engaging with their research programs for Master/PhDs. Canadian experience, education centered on theoretical and practical experience and it makes easiest start to familiar with Canadian socio-economic and political systems. International students for Master or PhD programs are highly rewarding Canadian PR possibilities.

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