Employer sponsored visas allows
Skill workers to work and stay in
Australia for a temporary time.

This visa aims at reduce the skill shortage in Australian labour market.There are regularly quotas or limits on the number of employment issues in each year. Often Employer sponsor visas may require work certifications, licensing, health requirements and specific work conditions for the job. There are many different categories of employed sponsored visa. These visa categories are with complex procedures with many co-applications. Employers hire overseas workers under the special condition.Employer sponsors are required to obtain that they require specific talent that can perform expertise-level work and based on an individual standard of level under the service or labour law contact. Skilled workers in some special trade occupations are required to obtain the special on-the- job training experience.

Temporary Work (Skilled) – Subclass 457

Australian Employers and overseas employers in the Australia can sponsor a skilled worker under Temporary Work (skilled) 457 multiple visa and this is the most common pathway for overseas workers. The visa holder can be employed for a 3 months to maximum 4 years. The applicant can include other valid dependent applications to the main application and they will be allowed to work and study during the validity of the visa. This visa is basically going with several applications for obtaining business sponsorship and state nomination as the major parts of the visa application.The business employer sponsor is required to fulfill key eligibility before sponsoring the overseas employee and the employee must work under sponsored employer.

  • Below age 50
  • Eligible to apply under Skill occupation title in the CSOL and SOL list
  • Relevant academic qualifications and working experience of the Applicant
  • At least competent English of the Applicant
  • Approved standard business sponsorship for the employer or labour Agreement
  • Approved the nominating for a nominated position
  • Meet Health and Character requirements

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