Dressing for your success

The first impression is incredibly meaningful and important. You attire /outfit and the way you present yourself to employer, business partner or audience at the interview, international conference or business meeting says a lot about yourself. The appropriate dress code can depend on age, gender, civil statues, weather conditions, occasion and dignity of the person in particular occasion and express about you and more about your attitudes and desires.

You should change your dress code occasionally. Standard dress codes are varying with the time, place, type of audience and occasion. For professional occasions such as interviews, business meetings, conferences, introduction programs, lecturing attire will help you to create great impression on your employer, business partner, audience and other participants. Different industries have varied expectations of their employees and business partners where dress code is concerned.

Dress code for Professional meetings and interviews is most important for your professional success. Clean, light color clothes without stains and discoloration are perfectly suited for morning occasions. Suite with a tie, dark leather shoes with matching socks, belt, minimum jewelry (wrist watch / ring ), neat hair cut , trimmed beard or fully shaved face, light fragrant/body spray, brief case or portfolio are fundamentals for men during professional appearance. Long nails, messy and grey hair, untidy laundry, unpolished shoes, too tight and too loose shirts and coats are common mistakes of men that spoil all their chances. According to the culture and traditions of particular country you are appearing, tattoos and piercings should be covered or removed.

In general female dress codes and attires are more complicated and varied. Suite with trouser or long/mid skirt, long sleeve shirt or blouse, covered shoes, limited jewelry (ear rings, chain ,wrist watch /bracelet) , professional hair style , light make-up and perfume, neat manicure and mini hand bag with portfolio are essentials for ladies who take part professional meeting or interview. Bare legs, long nail arts, flashy large hand bags, costume contact lenses with designs, artificial hair extensions, hanging jewelry and too tight and too loose clothes generally gives you a too artificial appearance and reduce the professionalism of your look.

Internships are more important start up steps for your future career. You need to be knowledgeable about your field or profession and need to wear professional out fit with professional smart attire.

When the work place interview or business meeting is less formal you may use less formal or office casual outfit. By applying the right color code and perfect size matching you can enhance your confidence and professionalism. Strictly avoid red color. Select solid over patterns; light pinstripes are giving more solid look than wider strips. Large stripes, floral and geometric designs and checks are creating contrasting look across the venue. Select natural colors over brights such as navy, gray, white, black and brown. Accessorize your attire is more important when you ready for professional appearance. Leather jackets, colored glasses, pattern ties, headphones, trainees, sneakers, canvas shoes and fashion jewelry can add more un-professional looks for your outfit.

Try to show your passionate professionalism and you will definitely achieve career success.

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