The current trend of 457 visas under Australian skilled migration

As one of the major migration and immigration destinations of the world, Australia allows number of immigration options for people who need to obtain Australian Permanent Residence. Skilled migration is the popular migration option among skilled professionals worldwide.

During the recent decades, the numbers of prospective immigration applications are fluctuating according to political, economical and social circumstance and consideration of Australian governments.

The 457 visa was the most popular visa option among skilled foreigners and business sponsored migrants who wish to hire overseas employees for their business in Australia. The 457 visa is a temporary visa valid up to 4 years but it also creates the path for applying permanent residency after 2 years of work under the sponsored business employer category.

This visa offers enormous benefits for overseas skilled professionals who need to work and settle in Australia and business sponsors who need to hire overseas employers to fill positions when they are unable to meet their demand from the local labour market.

457 visa was practically working for out-country applications as well as in-country applications until the very recently. DIBP Australia has emphasized the criteria for ‘position genuineness’ when they assess the nomination application for 457 visa. Under the department regulations the nominated position should be available for nominee, fulfilled labour marker requirements and the nominee has to satisfy ANZSCO requirements.

First of the three main steps of this 457 visa process, business sponsorship application is depending on business capacity of the sponsor. The size and scope of the business are the vital points to prove the capacity of the business under the DIBP regulations. It is noticeable almost business sponsors are able to through this stage and obtain the business sponsorship. The critical issue comes with the second step of the application process. Submitting the nomination application is the most important and decisive step of entire 457 process. The applicant needs to satisfy department criteria on several tests of probability. The genuineness of the nominated position and the capability of sponsoring for a nominated position are two main aspects the applicant need to prove with significant evidence. The scope, scale and nature of the existing business and financial forecasting and business proposals for future developments are highly anticipated to submit with necessary document evidence. The sponsoring applicant should maintain and continue profitable business in Australia and be able to hire the nominee in terms of labour market requirements in Australia. Labour market reports, remuneration survey report, business proposal and business plan are necessary reports for satisfying rigorous department requirements. In order to fulfill criteria related to the genuineness of the nominated position nominee’s contribution to the business and job duties and responsibilities. This task entails a complicated legal documentation process; in most of cases DIBP requires further explanations and supporting documents to satisfy necessary criteria. Unless you can provide highly credible supporting documents and written explanations the genuineness of the position is the most famous criteria for the DIBP to issue negative decisions for 457 visa applications. Nevertheless, the government judicial system of Australia allows you to lodge the appeal to MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) and re-consider your application under the impartial session of court hearings. Apart from the rigorous process, recent changes to immigration laws for reducing lawful period of stay in Australia after the contract to 60 days could cut down the 457 applicants from overseas.

To conclude, 457 visa subclass is not a simple visa process for skilled migrants who are unable to fulfill general skilled migration requirements. Before entering into the process you must check your and your business sponsor’s capability. Please visit from here

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