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“Find your perfect Kitchen in Australia.”

Almost all Australian kitchens have a number of places for overseas skilled professional in culinary art. Thousands of Australian business places in culinary industry are experiencing a shortage chefs, cooks, bakers, managers and skilled hospitality staff. Every chef is passionate about their career and they have qualified from overseas. Almost all of them are obtaining foreign experience from a country other than their country of origin. With a range of cultural touches they are able to sharpen their born talents in Culinary Industry.

Australia has developed a versatile culinary industry through Western, Eastern, and Ethnic food preparation for fine dining and take away services. As a multicultural society a wide range of ethnic dishes are most common in every Australian restaurant and hotel. Not a surprise, new ethnical recipes are adding to menus day by day. Pubs, restaurants, take away shops, franchise shops, star hotels are most common places for skilled worker recruitments.

If you are interested in obtaining Australian permanent residence you are note that you are in demand in Australia. Chef occupation title is in demand for 189, 190, 489 or 457 visa subclasses. We pride on offering best advice for sustainable visa option for you.

Chef occupation title is in demand under SOL and CSOL lists. This specialty allows chefs to apply for Australian Permanent residency through 189 and 190 visa categories and temporary visas under 489 and 457 visa categories. Chefs in both Asian and commercial cookery fields are accepted under the same Chef Occupation title.

ANZCO job duties and responsibilities under Chef Occupation title are follows;

  • Planning menus, estimating food and labor costs, and ordering food supplies
  • Monitoring quality of dishes at all stages of preparation and presentation
  • Discussing food preparation issues with Managers, Dietitians and kitchen and waiting staff
  • Demonstrating techniques and advising on cooking procedures
  • Preparing and cooking food
  • Explaining and enforcing hygiene regulations
  • May select and train staff
  • May freeze and preserve foods

Required Academic Qualifications are follows;

  • Diploma or
  • Advanced Diploma or
  • Associate Degree

Post Work Experience;

  • At least 3 years

English Requirement;

  • IELTS 6.0 each (General Module) minimum
  • (PTE, TOEFL and other International English Language test scores)

Age Requirement;

  • 20 – 49 (eligible age criteria)
  • 25 – 32 (maximum scores for age)

Other necessary Requirements;

Trade Skilled Assessment with TRA nominated skilled assessing authorities. Applicant will be required to participate in a technical assessment for assessing skills and knowledge.

Send your updated resume for assessing your eligibility. Reserve your consultation now.

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