Canada, the Land of Possibilities with unique natural beauty, is one of the best migration and tourist destinations in the world. A long history of immigration with demographic and economic stability, this country with unique open space and proud ethnic diversity encourages people to migrate for a dream life. In recent decades Canada has been categorized as the world’s top migration friendly country with positive public consequences with immigration system. Initially people attract to Canada for better employment opportunities and a high standard of living; less competitive labour market, good opportunities for a range of skilled trade occupations, good education system, polite Canadian custom and traditions, exciting rituals and flexible government policies for migrating make Canada an excellent settlement option. Indeed, this is the country with quality of life, natural resources and minerals, balance economy and stable political environment and wonderful weather and climate conditions. There are more migration options and temporary visa options available under Canadian Immigration system and you are warmly welcome to the land of maple leaf. Embrace your dream future, live in a place where you are always heartily welcome.

The Canadian government maintains residence and temporary visa programs under several categories. Residence visa applications are under the point calculation system and assessedg under various factors for selecting perfectly success applications. Job offers, state or provisional nominations, skills and experience factors are establishing prospects of immigration applications to Canada. Work permits, Visitor and student visa applications are for temporary visas. Each immigration program has different applications and requirements. Based on eligibility requirements such as age, job offer, nationality, work experience, educational qualifications, dependant applications, financial capacity and language fluency there are several available visa categories.

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