As the second largest country in the world, Canada is divided into several vast territories with massive lands of rich natural resources. The culture is mainly a mix of French and English traditions in addition to various other cultural influences. A stable political environment is directly associated with the growth of the Canadian economy. Telecommunication, Aerospace, science and technology, tourism, Agriculture, construction and mining, electricity, petroleum, oil and gas Industry. Being next to US territory and international sea and air passages Canada is one of the most ideal destinations for international business investors. To promote economical developments through foreign investments Canadian government encourages international business community to invest in Canada. Lower business cost and tax rates, easy access to local market, highly skilled educated workforce and easy access to financial support and public support factors make Canada the most profitable place for invest in the world. This is the fast-track immigration program for overseas business community to migrate to Canada. You can apply for three main types of business visa programs.

  • 1. Federal Business
  • 2. Quebec Business
  • 3. Provincial Business

The applicants are required to fulfill below criteria;

  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience – Business & Management
  • Language proficiency – English or French
  • Adaptability
  • Medical and Security clearance

Financial requirements, assets, business history, business knowledge and other relative requirements differ depending on the type of the available business visa. Value of the net assets of the business, years of business history and financial capacity, genuine intention to invest in Canada and net capital value of the business are considerable factors for successful applications. Business immigration application fee and processing time may vary depending on the type of application.

Business visa applications are generally complicated critical but are always worth the trouble. To obtain sustainable visa option for Canadian PR it is better to reserve an appointment for professional consultation.

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