Apply for Engineer profession in Australia. You are invited to obtain Australia PR

There are more than 30 engineering occupation titles in demand under SOL and CSOL lists. When you are comparing your effort and remuneration you can satisfy with the total out come in the terms of fair labour market regulations in Australia. If you have post work experience and academic qualification in field of expertise you have an incredible opportunity to work live and settle in Australia.

Key Employment Opportunities for Engineering Occupation titles

Engineering Occupation titles under SOL & CSOL lists

  • 1. Engineering Manager
  • 2. Material Engineer
  • 3. Civil Engineering Draftsperson
  • 4. Civil Engineering Technician
  • 5. Electrical Engineer
  • 6. Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
  • 7. Electrical Engineering Technician
  • 8. Software Engineer
  • 9. Telecommunication Engineer
  • 10. Telecommunication Network Engineer

Flagged Engineering Occupations under the SOL

  • 11. Civil Engineer
  • 12. Agricultural Engineer
  • 13. Ship’s Engineer
  • 14. Chemical Engineer
  • 15. Transport Engineer
  • 16. Electronics Engineer
  • 17. Industrial Engineer
  • 18. Mechanical Engineer
  • 19. Biomedical Engineer
  • 20. Engineering Technologist
  • 21. Production & Plan Engineer
  • 22. Geotechnical Engineer

Engineering Occupation titles under CSOL list

  • 1. ICT Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 2. Aircraft Mechanical Engineer (Avionics)
  • 3. Mining Engineer (Exclude petroleum)

DIBP (Department of Immigration Border protection) Australia renews the SOL (skilled occupation list) every year and amends the skilled occupations in terms of demand across states and territories of the country. SOL list for 2016-2017 was already amended and recognized some engineering occupation titles and flagged to remove some from the skilled occupation list. The existing chances of applying for Australian PR are very limited. Availability cannot be guaranteed. To follow the secure paths all applicants need to apply for the assessment of their eligibility without delay. Occupations in SOL list are filling up very fast. Check your eligibility and reserve your consultation with immigration attorneys.

Available Visa Options

189, 190 and 489 visa subclasses are available visa options for applying without job offer from the Australian employer. 189 and 190 visa options usually allow direct Permanent Residency for the applicant. Skilled Professions that are recognised under SOL list can apply for 189 visa subclass without relying on state or territory nomination. Ages, academic qualifications, years of post work experience and IELTS (any acceptable International English language test) scores are applicable factors for 189 visa applications. If your occupation title is in both SOL and CSOL (consolidated skilled occupation list) lists and unable to score eligible points for main application you may rely on state or territory nomination and claim 5 points for your main application under 190 visa subclass. If your occupation is only recognized in CSOL list you have to rely on state or territory nomination. Nevertheless, both 189 and 190 visas allow you to obtain direct Permanent residence in Australia.

Key Requirements for applying

  • Age criteria 20 – 49
    25 – 32 age criteria offer you maximum points for age factor.
    After 45 you are unable to claim any points on age factor.
  • Academic qualification
    Bachelor Degree or higher
  • Post work Experience
    3 years post work experience can offer you the minimum score limit for your main application. You should obtain at least one year post work experience.
  • IELTS ( English requirement)
    6.0 each from general module is the mandatory requirement on English knowledge fluency. Generally, you can start your skilled assessment with Engineering Australia. You may need to increase your points from IELTS scores if you are under the functional age factor and having less post work experience.
    The grade you can achieve will prompt your application with highest success ratio.

Other necessary requirements for the application process

  • On or above minimum eligible scores for main application
  • Obtain a positive skilled assessment report
  • Clean health and character requirements
  • Evidence for Financial potential
  • Health and character clearance of Partner and minor dependants

It is crucial to get the professional service of an immigration expert for preparing your file experiencing a hassle free process until the end of your success.

Importance of the Skilled Assessment

This is an initial step of your immigration application. You need to obtain a positive skilled assessment report from Engineering Australia (EA).

Engineer professionals are required to engage with EA for the skilled assessment. If you are a current member of Engineering Australia, the membership cannot be given as additional support for your skilled assessment process. EA assess your academic qualifications and work experience will issue the assessment report whether you are competent to work as an engineer in Australia or not. First you need to submit proper documentation for the skilled assessment. According to recognition as the accredited or non-accredited academic qualification you may follow additional steps for completing your skilled assessment. Assessment report is valid for three years from the date of issued. There is no compulsory administration process with EA to require you to submit further evidence while they are assessing your application but you can get the chance of appeal under the cost. To prevent from negative outcome you always need to get proper guidance from immigration attorneys.

Generally, 50 % of applicants have previously experienced with negative outcomes due to submitting insufficient supporting documents without proper guidance.

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