MEMI offers you a professional service through the number of organizations and Individual Legal Professionals and Migration Agents worldwide. We create the expertise team for your ultimate success in vary of immigration applications. To provide you a professional service MEMI has been establishing the service through the panel of International Experts. Opinions, Evaluations, Qualification Direction, Legal Documentation Assistance, Licensing, Business Broker services and more expertise advices are exclusively offered for the ultimate success of your immigration Application.

Registered Advisors

The unity of Registered Migration Agents – Australia, Canada, New Zealand & UK

Our Migration Agents are registered and licensed under codes of government Immigration Regulations. They have a proven track record having obtained a high success ratio in their work history. Local and international Consultants can provide advice regarding all forms of visa applications and best sustainable immigration option for your individual circumstances. MEMI regularly connects with international Migration Agents and allocate your migration application to best suitable consultant for supervisory advice.

Australia – Registered agents under Migration Agents Registration Authority ( MARA)
New Zealand – Immigration Advice Authority ( IAA)
Canada – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ( ICCRC)

Importance of Registered Agents

  • They are professionally qualified
  • Well- Experienced & Accurate
  • They have obtained pcense for migration Advice
  • They can provide personalize guidance depending on your circumstances
  • They keep themselves regularly updated about Immigration Laws and Regulations
  • Their expertise will prevent Unnecessary Delays and common mistakes

International & Local Organizations

Immigration applications are of different types and they may depend on a number of subsidiary services to fulfill necessary visa requirements.

Alliance with recognized International and local Organizations make immigration application process accurate and hassle –free. Specially for Business, Skill and Student visa applications the applicant has to rely on number of steps before the original judgment. Ensure the qualification requirement for Skill Assessment, selecting suitable study option, research program and business engagements for investing or buying the business are most complex decisions the applicant has to make.

For fast-track student recruitment, academic and working experience evaluations, Skill Assessment guidance, Business Investment Brokering and issuing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) MEMI affiliates with vast number of International & local organizations and intends to develop this unity significantly.

MEMI always shares the service with those organizations and offers higher-client satisfaction in order to obtain successful result.

Expert Individuals

Local and International individuals who have developed expertise in particular areas relating to immigration process are another voluble alliance partner of MEMI.

Their professional Experience, abilities, know-how and general strategies significantly affect the ultimate success of the application. Experts share their experience and knowledge in Business, Management, Hospitality, Engineering, IT, Medicine and Legal fields.

Course Module Selection, Course Criteria Guidance, Advance Information for Research Students, Career Development Pathway for Skill Professionals, Language Proficiency and Standard, Social Establishment and Overseas Business and Investment Advice are generally offered.

We are working for ‘having a win on challenging case’.
That is why your application is special for us.

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