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MEMI is proud to be different.

At the core of MEMI is a professional standard service for migration issues of our valued clients. MEMI is proud to provide a friendly and highly supportive reliable service.We assist our inbound and outbound clients in their general immigration issues, international projects and contract deals, cross-broader commercial deals and disputes.

It is imperative that you always need to rely on best advice and follow the reliable guidance for the ultimate success of your immigration application. Exceptional affordable services of MEMI aim to create equal legal access for all social categories. We guarantee the value of your money and a high degree of success for your immigration application. Nowadays almost all simplest immigration matters can become complex given the standard of immigration rules and regulations. Therefore it is necessary to seek the best guidance that is available.

MEMI has gained international reputation for its service during the past few years.

MEMI is becoming one of the best immigration law consultancy firms on its status of advance and earliest service. It is more significant factor to consider the range of alternatives in all aspects of immigration law. Dealing and completing an immigration application is often a difficult procedure. All decisions of granting Visas remain with government or state immigration authority and subject to meeting basic criteria of relevant visa category. That is the 12% risk that naturally comes with every each immigration application. In that case you have to pursue further legal options. Our involvement in that scenario offers you a standard service in all aspects of the process because we understand your situation, concerns, fears, hopes and desires in migrating. Scope and variety of MEMI service suite many different personalities. Students, Skill Professionals, Business Investors, Senior Citizens and Individuals in any civil status are treated as our valuable clients. Our professional experts are highly able to interpret the legal issue in immigration and guide you to the best pathway for immigration application.

As a Migration Agent in Sri Lanka for Australia, Canada and New Zealand migration MEMI offers you a best possible migration option on your circumstances. we are giving you a best value for your imbursement and efforts in migrating process. Our services in this area include all aspects of migration including family and business migration, skill migration, non- immigrant visa applications, employer and state nominations, MRT appeals and complex appeal matters.

Skill Migration, Student Visa, Business Visa, Family Visa, Employer Sponsored visa, immigration related business formations, expansions and acquisition and many other immigration appeal applications are now proudly offered by e-filling as well as paper base filling.

Consulting with a Difference ….

MEMI offer free preliminary credibility assessment report by email or over the phone. Clients can contact us for phone, Skype or personal consultation. Full case evaluation report can be issued under the special request of the client before the consultation for a special fee. MEMI practically targets to offer professional response for all enquiries within 24 working hours. MEMI is creating innovative and effective strategies to meet our clients’ legal necessities. Clients are our top priority and timely communication, updating with current law changes and record keeping are the best guarantee for the success of their immigration applications.

We understand you have limitations and deadlines to consider when lodging your immigration application. Immigration law is focused to rapid changes all over the world. We value your situation and offer the best sustainable option and handle your application expertly as a matter of course.

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